Integration - TechOS X Webflow Template


Direct API integration with Tokeet - AI responds in real time to guest messages through the Tokeet Unified Inbox.

Setup your integration

Integrating Yada with Tokeet takes only a few minutes and all you need is the Tokeet Integration Token which you get from the Tokeet marketplace.

Documentation for setting up this integration can be found here

Once the two systems are connected, you will be able to active AI responding for your listings and Yada will respond to guests directly through the Tokeet inbox.

About the integration

Do you manage listings on Tokeet thinking about managing listings on Tokeet? Yada connects with Tokeet and the AI can send and receive messages through the unified inbox automatically.

Yada uses existing listings in Tokeet and commonly answered questions to build a dataset for each listing which is then used to generate responses to guest messages.