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Yada is excited to offer a direct API integration with WhatsApp for Business - giving you the ability to engage at scale.

Setup your integration

Integrating Yada with Whatsapp requires you to have a Meta business account and a Meta developer account.

Once you have the required business and developer profiles you can use these to create a WhatsApp for business numbers.

Based on this number you will be able to create the requisite ID's and access tokens which are needed for this direct API integration.

Documentation can be found here

About the integration

Direct messaging is becoming the go-to for modern travelers and visitors. With 90% and more of travers preferring to communicate through a channel like WhatsApp, it's critical to be available here.

Yada directly integrates to WhatsApp Cloud through the WhatsApp for Business API and enables this as a channel in the smart inbox.

The yada AI is integrated into this inbox and can also respond to guests autonomously through WhatsApp