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What is Yada?

Yada is a conversational AI platform for Short Term Rentals, Hotels, Property Managers, and guest facing team. Think of it as a really, really smart Guest CRM

It's got integrations with dozens of PMS's, messaging channels, and OTA's. Advanced marketing and analytics capabilities. Auto responding across all of these channels. A free chat widget for your direct booking site.

And the AI is built for hospitality. We've trained it on millions of conversations to the point where it can deal with most of what guests want to know and do. Booking inquiries, in stay chats, conversational surveys, smart engagements and more. Not only that but we've recently integrated with OpenAI, a 175 billion parameters state-of-the-art language model.

Cloud Dashboard

The cloud dashboard is your command center for guest messaging. Set up integrations, inboxes, AI behaviors and analytics in an intuitive platform


Your home page gives you a birds eye view of all the guest engagement that's going on. Not only that but you've got tons of incredibly useful real-time metrics like response times, inquiry types, sentiment analytics, and more..


Yada's got a unified inbox you can use for all of your guest communications. If you're already integrated with a PMS it serves as a 1-1 backup of your PMS inbox. It can also integrate directly with AirBnB and other OTA's.

And WhatsApp. And Instagram. And Telegram. Meaning you've got total visibility into guest messaging. Oh, and did we mention that it keeps track of guests across multiple stays and conversation? So you can be in touch on multiple channels before, during, and after they leave but you'll still have full visibility.


Yada is the only guest messaging platform with a robust marketplace of powerups and integrations which you can use to really supercharge your messaging stack.

Here you can integrate with your Property Management Systems, OTA's, external channels like WhatsApp, analytics platforms, task & ticketing platforms, and more.


AI powers everything that happens in Yada. From automatically responding to guests across any and all channels to enriching contacts and driving remarketing and retention campaigns.


The chatbot is designed and trained to deal with thousands of conversations, questions, complaints, and requests that might happen during, before, and after a stay.

Sub-second response times on all channels means your guests get the help and information they need in the moment they need it.

And because it's already trained for hospitality and augmented by flows created by people from brands like the Ritz and Shangri-La, you know your guests are getting a 5-star experience.

It responds to guests in a friendly, professional tone and you can always add custom responses and data points to further increase the customization of the AI.

Knows your Listings

When you connect yada to your Property Management System or your OTA a process gets started. First the AI imports your listing and fills in hundreds of data points about the listing based on what's already there and answers you've previously given to all sorts of questions

It then uses this information, custom responses and dynamic, generative-AI created responses to handle thousands of inquiries, requests, and conversations.

This content can be updated directly or automatically by the AI. The more you use it, the more conversations it is exposed to, and the more existing data it has the smarter it gets.

Also, if you've got multiple listings in one place, say an apartment building with 10 rentals in it, you can group all of these listings and multiply the datasets the AI uses to generate and send responses.

Powered by ChatGPT (new)

Activating your chatbot and connecting it to ChatGPT is incredibly easy! We use ChatGPT in tandem with thousands of real-time and local data points to deliver responses to thousands of inquiries about the area, itineraries, recommendations, and more.


Yada is on light-speed path to integrate with all of the top property management systems and OTA's. And of course all the messaging channels that get used billions and billions of times a day.

PMS integrations

We've built out robust API integrations with many of the top property management systems and are constantly rolling out new ones.

Integrating with a PMS uses data found in listings and thousands of answers and data points found in previous conversations to put together a robust and adaptable dataset for each listing which is then used to generate the responses.

It also sets up all of the infrastructure and API connections so it can react and respond to messages in real time.

AI Chats through the PMS

In many cases, the AI sits as a layer on top of your Property Managemen System inbox and responds to guests when a message comes in that it's a) able to understand and b) able to react to. As far as you're concerned, it's like having a really smart assistant directly embedded in your property management system.

Of course, if you're using other channels like WhatsApp or Instagram or Email, you will be spending a lot of time in the Yada inbox. And because it's the same AI that powers all of these conversations, you get the same amazing features no matter where the guests are chatting from

Messaging Channels

93% of guests and consumers prefer to message and engage on the apps they're already spending hours a day on. Apps like WhatsApp and Instagram which are quickly becoming huge support and revenue drivers for brands all across the globe.

Availability on these channels is crucial in 2023 and we've made it easy to put all these channels in one smart inbox.


These integrations are still in Beta but we are planning on being integrated fully with AirBnB, booking.com, VRBO, and more by the end of Q1 2023.

Direct OTA integrations will allow for 1-1 communication with the OTA and are especially useful for those who may not be using a PMS just yet.


Yada is a completely no-code platform!

That means you don't have to be a programmer or have knowledge of / access to advanced AI in order to get started. All the models and flows are already trained and ready to use.

Free Chat Widget

How do I use it?

Easy! Just make a yada account and past the widget code into your direct booking site (you might want to talk to your web developer for this). If your booking site is hosted by your property management system, we've got easy instructions on how to get started on those as well

What does it do?

Simple! It gives you a way to engage with visitors on your direct booking site in real time and ensure that each visit and each moment of interest turns into a booking.

The AI is also integrated into the chat widget. It's smart so it knows what rooms or listings the guests are looking at and can dynamically respond, answer questions, and help them book autonomously based on that

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