For larger property managers and hotels

Do you have more than 100 listings or rooms?

For when you need advanced control, support, and reporting. Unlimited everything. SLA's. Priority Real-Time Support. Custom, on-premise AI instances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequntly asked billing questions

Can I use yada for free?

Absolutely! We have a free forever plan that lets you integrate with your PMS and start using the chat widget immediately. For other features you'll need to upgrade though.

Is there a setup fee?

Nope. Never. We offer free onboarding support and services to get you started, even if you're on the free tier.

What is a Door?

A door can either be a listing (if you're a short term rental manager) or a hotel room (if you're a hotel).

What's the payment plan?

Get started for free with Yada today or contact sales. You can pay by credit card, but we're also introducing the ability to pay through PayPal or direct debit for our international users.

We offer a flexible payment plan. You can activate and deactivate doors at anytime. You are billed monthly.